Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees, Or Does it 1.9

The rain still poured when June arrived. She was freezing, she had to change out of her wet clothes twice and still that was not enough. She hated Summer. Hated it. It was always raining never stopping rain it bugged her. She wanted end but she would have to live with it for the next 3 days (Wednesday (Today), Thursday (Tomorrow) and Friday (The Day After Tomorrow)) Anyways she broke her umbrella. Yet again! Continue reading

Seasons 1.8

Nancy was right! Scientists HAD figured out how to dispell that barrier preventing seasons. It was Summer and June needed a thermostat but she couldn’t afford. What’s more she needed a house before Winter else she would freeze! At the moment she was cold and wet. Continue reading

Closer To Birth 1.7

June changed up her look once again, just this time it wasn’t hair and hair colour only. Her whole outfit changed and that was permanent. She had her hair dyed permently red, she looked more like a model out of a magazine then a girl who lived outdoors. Continue reading

First Day Of Work, Devastation 1.5

It was a brand new day. June was ready for her first day of work. She had prepared herself some lunch the night before. She had 4 hours to be up and ready and she did that. She went to the toilet and had a shower. Then got changed and read some books she borrowed. She had bought a bookshelf to store them. Continue reading