Pregnant And Alone 1.6

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When June and Don became exes, June was devasted. I guess not everyone’s perfect, she thought. She went home to rest up and found she couldn’t she was always feeling weird in her stomach.


She called the doctor and the doctor told her to take a pregnancy test and so she did. She was pregnant. She always wanted to be a mother but not to a child from a man like Don. Not now. Not since he walked out on her. Not ever. She had to tell Don.

June awoke the next morning. She felt like her hair was out of place and changed it temporarily but also dyed it. She also started walking differently. She felt mega ill. Morning sickness, she needed to vomit so bad!

When she stared back at her dye she was glad it was temporary but sort of not. She needed a shower before she can return her hair to normal but she so wanted it permanent just maybe not this colour or hairstyle. She knew she had to focus on the need to find Don. She was content though.

The trek to Don’s home was quite fast. The bus fare was very cheap and with the driver a well known speeder she got there in under 10 minutes or so. She stood looking at Don’s mansion of a home. His female girlfriends must be here. She read on the web that he was a local womanizer, he would have his fun then walk out completely! June hoped he would atleast pay child support and come over their differences or whatever caused the breakup. But if he really was a womanizer then.. that would leave her alone.

She stood there for a few minutes feeling totally awkward. After some deep breaths she knocked on the door. At first there was no answer but that was when it opened and she saw it. Another woman was preganant possibly Don’s child! Her name was Katrina Caliente probably another victim but it turned out it wasn’t a Don’s but another womanizer that remains unknown. But that’s not what shocked her it was Don kissing Katrina’s daughter, Nina.

June: D.. D.. Don?

Don: Ahh! Um.. June! What are you doing here?

June: I wanted to-

Don: No no no no, you, you can’t be here. Dina, close the door!

Dina: As you wish.

June: Don! I need to tell you *muffled* I’m pregnant

Nina: Wait, what. You were with another lady! You! You told me I was first but where am I really? Don! Don, tell me!

Don: Thanks a lot June! Nina your my.. my..

Nina: Your what?

June: So this is who you chose after me I see

Nina: Shut up!

Don: Your my 63rd girl, your the one I want to stay with. Permanently.

June: What?

June left in dismay. So the permanent girl he chose was Nina, June thought miserably. If Nina was Don’s 63rd girl, she was Don’s 62nd girl. As she blogged about her awful day she quickly learned the rest of the girls. They are in order top to bottom:

  1. Cassandra Goth
  2. Bella Goth
  3. Zoe Patel
  4. Liberty Lee
  5. Summer Holiday
  6. Jasmine Holdiay
  7. Dina Caliente
  8. Katrina Caliente
  9. Lily Feng
  10. Miko Ojo
  11. Beatriz Woodland
  12. Kyleigh Luong
  13. Eliza Pancakes
  14. Dana Briton
  15. Kayleigh Briton
  16. Aleah Belanger
  17. Carolyn Belanger
  18. Vivian Lewis
  19. Alice Lewis
  20. Olivia Kim-Lewis
  21. Maeve Goode
  22. Avery Goode
  23. Sonya Bonds
  24. Fiona Bonds
  25. Nancy Landgraab
  26. Marie Lincoln
  27. Luna Lincoln
  28. Mckenzie Aldrige
  29. Daphne Aldrige
  30. Mila Munch
  31. Urlike Faust
  32. Maaike Haas
  33. Moira Fyres
  34. Siobhan Fyres
  35. Morgan Fyres
  36. Eva Capricciosa
  37. Jade Rosa
  38. Candy Behr
  39. Yuki Behr
  40. Luna Villareal
  41. Clara Bjergsen
  42. Sofia Bjergsen
  43. Elsa Bjergsen
  44. Anaya Jang
  45. Jesminder Bheeda
  46. Geeta Rasoya
  47. Darling Walsh
  48. Penny Pizzazz
  49. Lilith Vatore
  50. Catarina Lynx
  51. Supriya Delgato
  52. Evie Delgato
  53. Corinne Dobson
  54. Taylor Sexton
  55. Alina Newman
  56. Luz Newman
  57. Ellen Clay
  58. Genesis Clay
  59. Danika Mann
  60. Luna Mann
  61. Maki Watanabe




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