Making Connections 1.2

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June’s applesauce was nasty! It was disgusting. That’s what you get for buying a cheap fridge she thought. She knew she should go out more but June didn’t know many places. She looked up for nice places in her area when she saw Geoffrey down at the fishing hole again. This time he was with Nancy!

Maybe she should try again? She could build up friendship and trick him into divorcing but that’s cruel. June decided to go and talk with Nancy. Did Geoffrey tell her though? She didn’t know so it was worth a try.

June: Hey girl!

Nancy: Oh, you must be that girl Geoffrey said flirted with him!

June: What no I didn’t.

Nancy: Yes you did! Anyway why do you keep stalking him?

June: I’m not stalking I live here.

Nancy: Oh really? Only a hobo would live here on that blank space. Your sure your not from that house up there?

June: Yes, I’m sure!

Nancy: You must be joking! Willow Creek is for people with money and are rich. Not people like you that camp out in a bed freezing! Didn’t you here the sciencetists are figuring out how to remove the curse that bans us from seasons? You’ll freeze!

June: Not my problem. I would’ve built up my home by then.

Nancy: No you wouldn’t. Geoffrey let’s go!

And with that Nancy left with her husband.

June: What is up with her?

She turned to go home when she heard a soft masculine voice. She turned there was a cute guy standing behind her. Was this guy single? She was too desperate so she’ll turn down love for a bit.

Unknown: Hi! I’m Bill Sexton.

June: Hey Bill!

Bill: Don’t listen to Nancy. She thinks she is so special.

June: Where do you live?

Bill: No where. I’m homeless. I’m single too!

Bill and June became good friends. Was this her soulmate? Not yet she didn’t know him well. She had to wait. In the meantime she went to the gym to keep fit and she had a health check-up soon. So she got up and took a bus the gym.



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