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In the change appearance challenge you must start a new game and create 1 sim or alien or ghost they have to be a young adult, every Sunday in sims you open up the cheats box (Ctrl Shift C) and type inside the box testingcheats true then type cas.fulleditmode. (Click Link To Cheat List https://eviescheats.wordpress.com/2015/08/) Your sim has to have traits or a aspiration from the following list bellow



serial romantic

leader of pack

public enemy

chief of mischief

computer whiz

renaissance sim






Art Lover




Music Lover



Hot Headed





Hates Children



Your sim must have at least 1 hobby else you fail the challenge automatically.


  1. All cheats aloud except for death cheats.
  2. You can get married and have children and adopt but they have to change appearance too if they don’t you fail automatically. (you can move your children out and get them married and in love when they’re older)
  3. If your sim dies the challenge is over. You fail if your sim dies from cardiac explosion, embarrassment, hunger, laughter, electrocution, fire, crash landed rocket, drowning, cowplant, over exhaustion (shouldn’t have your sim as elder exercising anyway) or steam. You don’t lose if your sim dies by elderness.
  4. If your sim is a bodybuilder or athletic and they are an elder don’t make’em exercice.
  5. Your sim must have the detective career, their partner must have the scientist career and all their children can have anyone but detective or scientist. Teens must have a career. ( you have to go to work with your sim you created. Also if your partner already has a career change their career to scientist).
  6. Your sim has to have their baby at the hospital
  7. You can age up sims that are not in your household
  8. Your child sim must have at least 1 friend or best friend that’s not in the household. When they become a teen you have to become boyfriend or girlfriend of your friend or bestfriend and exchange promise rings with them. When your teen becomes a young adult they have to get married to their boyfriend or girlfriend.
  9. If you have sims 4 get together expansion pack you’re allowed to join clubs
  10. Once your one of your sims kids move out and get married you’re allowed to play with them and make’em have babies and adopt if you play with them and it’s Sunday you don’t have to change their appearance.
  11. Your not allowed to go on vacation.
  12. Your sims children can be adopted even if they are still in the house but if you keep them in the parent household they have to change appearance.

Note: If you don’t follow the rules you fail the challenge.


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