100 Alphabetical Baby Challenge

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Welcome To The 100 Alphabetical Baby Challenge!!

I got the idea of making this thanks to Terryann Sims who I found the rules of the 100 Baby Challenge, the creator of Simmerland who i found the rules of the Alphabet Legacy Challenge and the creator of the legacy challenge and the creator of Create A Sim who I found the trait generators from.

CAS Rules

  1. Create 1 female sim and move her into a lot she CAN afford
  2. NO other sims are allowed in the household
  3. Your sim can have any traits but must have at least 1 hobby trait to use for income (I recommend Family-Oriented, Romantic and Art Lover
  4. Your sim can have any aspiration but I recommend Big Happy Family
  5. Your sim can have any mods/CC that DON’T give players an unfair advantage if they don’t have them
  6. Your sim’s name has to begin with the letter A (Anna, Ava, Adelaide, Amanda, Annie, Alice, Abby, Abbigail)
  7. Your sim can be a vampire (Vampire Expansion Pack)
  8. Your sim can be an alien (Get To Work Expansion Pack)

Build/Buy Mode Rules

  1. No Cheats
  2. No mods and/or CC that gives an unfair advantage on those who don’t own them
  3. Make sure your sims house has a double bed
  4. If the bed doesn’t work in gameplay keep the bed so you can sleep buy an observatory or tent or anything you can Try For A Baby in
  5. If you want you can use this generator to generate the lot traits or choose them on your own (You Don’t Have To Have Lot Traits,City Living Exspansion Pack)

Gameplay Rules

  1. No mods/CC that give an unfair advantage on those who don’t own them
  2. Every child must begin with a letter of the alphabet (so child 1 = Annie, Child 2 = Ben, Child 3 = Cayla etc)
  3. Once you reach child 26, 52, 104 (104 is optional) (Child Z) you have to restart the WHOLE alphabet again till you’ve had 100 children
  4. Youngest female child starts the next generation
  5. Your female sim is NOT allowed to leave the household WHEN she’s an Elder until the YOUNGEST female child reaches the YOUNG ADULT stage
  6. Each child must have a different Father
  7. A child/teen/toddler’s trait and aspiration MUST be randomly generated that’s why I reccomend using this generator,this one too or even this one (If you click “This One To” it’ll bring you to the legacy toddler generator with a trait already given if you don’t like just reload the page or if you click “Even This One” it will bring you to a generator that does toddlers and adults on the same site [Children,Teens too])
  8. Unlike the 100 Baby Challenge your sim IS allowed to PROPOSE and can get married but CAN’T move out until she’s an elder
  9. Your sim is allowed to wish at the well ONCE in their lifetime, they can wish for ANYTHING including children (Romantic Garden Stuff)
  10. Your sim is allowed to join clubs (Get Together Expansion Pack)

Aging Up Rules

  1. A baby can only age when it’s his or her’s birthday (The Notification should say “It’s {Baby Name}’s birthday! Time flies by doesn’t it?” NOT the one saying “It’s almost {Baby Name}’s birthday!”)
  2. A toddler is only allowed to age up when he or she has reached level 3 in ALL of the TODDLER skills
  3. A child is only allowed to age up when he or she has reached an A in school
  4. A teen is only allowed to age up when he or she has reached an A in school
  5. Once the teen has become a Young Adult he or she must be moved out IMMEDIATELY
  6. You are not allowed to move out the heir (Youngest Female Child) until she’s an elder and has a Young Adult youngest female child to take over

That’s it

Thank you for taking time to read this it took forever to write XD!

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