Sims 4 Challenges

Difference in the Family Tree Challenge

Yandere Challenge

The Decades Challenge

The “Protective Parent” Challenge

The Brothel Challenge

Another (15+ Only)

The Purge

Community Challenge

Random Legacy Challenge

Happily Ever NEVER

The Older Siblings Challenge

100 Day CAS (Create A Sim)

Big Sister Challenge


The Youtuber Legacy Challenge

Godfather Challenge

The Completionist Challenge

The Old Times Challenge

Murdering Mother Challenge

The Simself Challenge

Born in the House Challenge

Yandere SIMulator

Disney Side-Character Legacy 

The Princess Challenge

Rags To Riches

War Legacy Challenge

The Galactica Challenge

Alphabet Baby Challenge

100 Alphabetical Baby Challenge

The Banana Invasion

Jewellery Powered Girls Challenge – Still Working Progress

Hiding School Teacher Challenge

Change Appearance Challenge

The Monthly CAS Challenge


Bring Me Home

The Beauty And The Geek

Zombie Apocalypse Challenge

Big Brother Challenge

Greek God/Goddess Challenge

City in a Lot

Three’s Company Too! Challenge

5 Men in 30 Minutes Challenge

Let’s get (K)Dramatic

The Loud House Challenge – 2.0

Whimacy Rules

The Dynasty Challenge

Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge

The Generations Challenge

Orphanage Challenge

19 Kids and Counting

The Ouran High School Host Club Challenge – The Ouran High School Host Club Challenge – Different People

From Rags To Riches Mega Challenge

Orphanage Challenge 2 – Not Really 2 just another version

Successful Orphan Challenge

Box of Chocolates Legacy Challenge

It’s My Life Challenge

A Game Of Sims Challenge

Differences In The Family Tree ADAPTION

Single Mum Challenge

Homeless Challenge

Devoted Grandmother Challenge – New

Blog In Wrong Place – Not A Challenge

The Homeless Legacy Challenge

Mystery House

Gang Challenge

Immortal Town

Disney Princess Challenge

The Four Immortal Sisters Challenge

Lineage War Challenge

The Full House Challenge

I Wanna Be A Star: A Legacy Challenge

The R.I.P Challenge

Test Of Time Challenge

Yandere Simulator Challenge

The God Complex

19 Kids And Counting 2

Break The Curse Challenge

Another Duggar Challenge

Rags To Riches Mega Challenge 2


More Challenges Coming Soon!!




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