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Thank you to Aislynne for making this challenge it is one of my favourites!

So our sim is Adelaide Geroa

Adelaide Geroa

The other candidates are Rachelle Sivi, Cate Junes, Naomi Creek, Josephene Clarks and Hilda Bee.

Rachelle Sivi
Cate Junes
Naomi Creek


Josephene Clarks
Hilda Bee

The Prince is Prince Joseph son of Fiona and Eddie.

Prince Joseph
Queen Fiona
King Eddie

The princess candidates’ home looks like the Goth Household’s home but it is from the gallery fully refurnished.

This is the home to the princess candidates, Princess Palace

Day 1 Week 1

The Princesses met King Eddie, Queen Fiona and Prince Joseph so they could invite them to their parties!!

Adelaide reached lv 2 in the Dancing skill so she earned 100 aspiration points


Day 2 Week 1

There was nothing scheduled for Day 2 so I rolled a random event from 1-12 I got six. Event 6 says “Oh no! The Fiona’s ring has gone missing! You suspect that one of the serving girls, a particularly poor one, has stolen and sold it to get medical help for her ailing mother. Will you tell the queen? If not, you get +1 Kind-Hearted point. If you decide to tell, the queen appreciates it and you get 200 aspiration points!”. (Used This)

[It said Queen Just edited it]


Day 3 Week 1

Fiona was to come over today so I threw a Black And White Party and invited Fiona at 2pm

I had a caterer but I cooked my own batch of black + white cookies that were excellent, it says if you cook something better than ok you get 300 aspiration points, yay!!


Day 4 Week 1

There was nothing scheduled for Day 4 so I rolled a random event from 1-12 and I got eight. Event 8 says “A handsome duke seems to be smitten with you. What do you do? If you decide to enjoy the attention, you can change any trait you have to either Romantic or Self-Assured, but it’s possible that the Joseph hears of your flirting. Roll a six-sided die (or use 1 You get caught, give yourself -500 aspiration points. 2-6 Nobody notices your little affair.”.


Day 5 Week 1

Fiona wrote a letter saying that they should practice their charisma!

My sim got to lv 5 she got 300 aspiration points!!


Day 6 Week 1

There was nothing scheduled for Day 6 so I rolled a random event from 1-12 and I got four. Event 4 says “You find one of the other girls crying alone. She is feeling insecure and says that she is afraid she’s never going to be able to make Joseph fall in love with her. Will you try to lift her spirits? If you will, you’ll get +1 Kind-Hearted point but also -100 aspiration points since you’re helping your rival. If you decide to ignore her, nothing happens.”. I choose ignore her.


Day 7 Week 1

One of the other candidates heard that Joseph loves to play chess!! The princesses held a chess tournament, the proud winner of the tournament was Adelaide!!


Day 1 Week 2

There was nothing scheduled for Day 1 so I rolled a random event from 1-12 and I got one. Event 1 says “You’ve got a flu! Spend the day doing nothing but napping, eating and going to the bathroom. If you wish, you may infect one other candidate intentionally (choose the one you consider your worst rival). If you decide to do so, you get +1 Schemer point and the infected candidate has to spend the day doing nothing, just like you (you may cancel all her actions except napping / sleeping, eating and going to the bathroom).”.


Day 2 Week 2

Someone has told all the candidates that Joseph will visit tomorrow!! I had to make them practice cooking + mixology.


Day 3 Week 2

Joseph is visiting today!! I had my candidates clean  + fix things before 2pm when the prince arrived the candidates took their turns flirting with him. Adelaide flirted first it worked!! The others couldn’t resist the autonomy and gave him a yell down before they flirted so they resulted in fails.


Day 4 Week 2

There was nothing scheduled for Day 4 so I rolled a random event from 1-12 and I got twelve. Event 12 says “Joseph seems to be a little too interested in one of the other candidates. What will you do?
– You can try to make the candidate in question look like a fool. Roll a six-sided die or use 1 You’re not successful unless you have at least five Schemer points, 2 You’re not successful unless you have at least four Schemer points, 3 You’re not successful unless you have at least three Schemer points, 4 You’re not successful unless you have at least two Schemer points, 5 You’re successful, 6 You’re successful. If you’re successful, you get 400 aspiration points and +1 Schemer point. If you’re unsuccessful, the only person that looks like a fool is yourself and you get -500 aspiration points.
– Do nothing. You get -300 aspiration points.
– Tell the other candidate that she deserves Joseph’s attention. You get -400 aspiration points and +1 Kind-Hearted point.”.


Day 5 Week 2

Fiona wrote another letter saying that she thinks the candidates are getting pudgy from all the partying so they had to work out for 2 hours!!


Day 6 Week 2

Fiona wrote a letter for the third time, the letter stated that she thanks all the candidates for keeping her up to date but they need to work on their skills. I had to make them practice a skill they were bad at.


Day 7 Week 2

It was Saturday so they would get to take it easy BUT it says if they avoid ALL negative emotions they earn 500 aspiration points, she did it!!



Day 1 Week 3

There was nothing scheduled for Day 1 so I rolled a random event from 1-12 and I got two. Event 2 says “You’ve accidentally broken an expensive vase that belongs to the Fiona. You decide: You admit what you’ve done and get -300 aspiration points, OR you frame another candidate. If you decide to frame someone, roll a six-sided die (or use 1-2 You get caught, -500 aspiration points and you have to change one of your traits to either Mean or Clumsy (you decide), 3-6 You’re successful, you get +1 Schemer point and +300 aspiration points.”.

I framed someone and I was successful!!


Day 2 Week 3

Eddie and Fiona are visiting tomorrow!! Adelaide heard 2 servants talking about the king saying he likes charisma. Adelaide told the others so they all practised in front of a mirror.


Day 3 Week 3

Eddie and Fiona visited today! The party got no reward (Spooky Party) but everyone had tons of fun!! Adelaide flirted with Eddie successfully but he didn’t become flirty so 300 aspiration points she also dared a candidate to kiss Fiona!! Naomi failed and went to hide under the covers of her bed!! She was so embarrassed so I get 300 aspiration points. I also accepted the request for a garden on Day 5 of Week 1 and got 300 for having 2 plants at very nice quality.


Day 4 Week 3

There was nothing scheduled for Day 4 so I rolled a random event from 1-12 and I got five. Event 5 says “Today you wake up feeling irritated and angry. You can pick a fight with another girl if you want to or restrain yourself. Use the Fight! interaction (you can argue / shout / insult her until the interaction becomes available). If you win, you get 500 aspiration points because now everyone knows who the boss is, but if you lose, you get -200 aspiration points. Whether you win or lose, you get +1 Schemer point if you fight. If you decide to restrain yourself, nothing happens.”. I chose to restrain myself.


Day 5 Week 3

Today the princesses heard Joseph wanted some nice paintings for his wall so they did a painting contest! 3 of my sims paints autonomously, Adelaide, Rachelle and Cate. Cate and Rachelle started painting after Adelaide mentored them. So those 3 did the best Adelaide was painting a lot in her free time so she was lv 10. She also made the ADDITIONAL painting, the flirty one.

A few minutes after finishing painting:

Adelaide Plays Guitar – Jazz


Day 6 Week 3 2nd Last Day

There was nothing scheduled for Day 6 so I rolled a random event from 1-12 and I got seven. Event 7 says “Do you have at least one Kind-Hearted point and no Schemer points? If not, nothing happens. If you do, you manage to make an impression on Joseph’s aunt, who is a particularly kind-hearted person herself. She tells Joseph how much she likes you, and you get 300 aspiration points for every Kind-hearted point that you have.”.


Day 7 Week 3 Last Day

The Royal Family visited today, Joseph picked Adelaide to be his bride now for the wedding..

A picture of Joseph & Adelaide kissing each other.
A picture of Joseph proposing to Adelaide.

I couldn’t do it any other direction but above for some reason sorry..

The proposal was successful!!

The marriage got gold level and they now live happily together. Joseph, Adelaide and the other princesses (not anymore) moved into the apartment I’m gonna check each of their aspiration points and make them their future husband. 😀

Sadly, all the other candidates ended up with thugs.

The Results For This Challenge

I’m gonna make them have a child and if it’s a boy I’ll replay the challenge I’ll put it here [No Link Yet] when I start.

Thx for reading, EvieLilli



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